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Scientology is a religion developed by L Ron Hubbard.  Hubbard, like all of us, experienced difficulties in life. He wanted to understand these difficulties and find ways to overcome them. He studied what was then known about the mind. And when he found it lacking, he began his own investigations. This led to the development of Dianetics.

While Dianetics dealt solely with the mind, Hubbard soon realized that man’s spiritual aspect could not be ignored. After intensive research, Ron discovered methods of observably demonstrating that everyone is a spiritual being. And that as a spiritual being, each person has vast potential if only they could access it. This led him to developing Scientology, a religion with practical methods of removing the barriers to being one’s true spiritual self.

Over the course of several decades, Hubbard honed a precise path to spiritual freedom obtainable by anyone. His greatest desire was that this path be available to anyone seeking spiritual awareness for themselves and others.

The First Independent Church of Scientology exists to help people fulfill that desire for themselves. We are here to provide information on L. Ron Hubbard’s religious technology, and to make it freely available. Everyone is welcome to study and use these spiritual materials to take steps towards a better and more meaningful life.

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L Ron Hubbard 1950

L Ron Hubbard 1950