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Refers to L. Ron Hubbard’s references (books, lectures, films) and methodologies on how to practice and use the processes of Scientology to help another person. There are dozens of books and films, hundreds of lectures, and thousands of pages of written technology.

Because there is so much material, and because The Grade Chart contains specific steps to be done in a precise order, these materials have been codified into courses for training purposes. Each course trains an auditor in the specific skills needed to help someone progress through a step on The Grade Chart.

Sometimes the term ‘Red on White’ is used to refer to technology. Hubbard’s written references about auditing were, for the most part, typed in red ink on white paper. That differentiated them from the ‘Green on White’ administrative references about how to run an organization.

(HCOB 13 Sept 65, Out Tech and How to Get it In)

Abbreviation: Tech

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