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When a trained counselor (auditor) uses Dianetics or Scientology counseling techniques to help another person.

The techniques used are very exact according to instructions laid out by L. Ron Hubbard.  Auditing is aimed at either improving a particular difficulty the person is having or at advancing the person through the Scientological levels of spiritual advancement (The Bridge). The person receiving auditing is called a ‘preclear.’

The auditor and preclear work together as a team to improve areas of difficulty and increase the ability of the preclear (pc). The auditor applies the processes listed on the pc’s program. Different types of processes have different goals and address the pc’s case in whatever way is best for that person at that time.

The auditor’s job is to ask the questions given in the processes and allow the preclear time and space to find the answer(s). By creating a safe environment for the preclear to examine their own mind, the pc can make sense of their existence, barriers in their life, etc. By going through the steps of processing, the preclear’s self-determinism and ability to reason increases. The preclear becomes more and more able to take charge of their own life.

The preclear looks at their mind and discovers its truths. The auditor is not there to judge or tell you what is or isn’t true about you. The auditor merely facilitates by asking questions, removing barriers, and inviting the preclear  to look.

(PAB 87) (HCOPL 18 Sep 67)

If you’re interested in trying out some easy-to-apply auditing you can do on your own in the comfort of your own home, Self Analysis is great place to begin.

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