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1. A counselor who uses exact techniques as laid out in Scientology and Dianetics materials to help someone.

The auditor walks a person through the precise steps of these procedures with the end goal of bringing about positive changes in their well-being.  At it’s core, the word ‘auditor’ means one who listens. Think of the words ‘audio’ or ‘auditory.’ There are 100’s of procedures in an auditor’s toolkit as developed by L. Ron Hubbard

(Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought “Chapter 1: The Vital Statistics of Scientology,” 1956)

Abbreviation: aud

2. There are kinds of auditors.

A Book Auditor is someone who has read a book containing auditing techniques and used them to help himself or another. You could become a book auditor by reading and using Self Analysis, DMSMH, or Handbook for Preclears, for example. (Ability Magazine 155)

Classed Auditors do a course or series of courses to get certified in certain levels of auditing. You can see these levels alongside the left-hand side of the Grade Chart starting from the bottom and going up. (CG&AC)

Interned Auditors are classed auditors who then do an Internship to fully develop the knowledge and skills of that kind(s) of auditing. The major internships are also listed along the left-hand side of the Grade Chart. (CG&AC)


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