Grade Chart

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The Grade Chart (See the full Grade Chart here)

A chart that shows the route to spiritual freedom. It serves as a map. When an individual travels through the many steps on this chart, he crosses the Bridge to a higher state of being.

Also called Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart. It’s broken down into three main categories:

1. Training – Runs up the left side of the chart. This shows the various levels a Scientology auditor moves through to gain the knowledge and skills needed to counsel another upward along the processing side of the chart.

To become an auditor of the Class shown, one must do the course(s) and any prerequisites for that Class. Each course correlates to a certain step or steps on the processing side of The Grade Chart. Once an auditor has received certification on a training level, they are qualified to process a preclear on that level.

2. Processing – Runs up the right side of the chart. These steps take one through the states of release, called Grades. Each of the grades consists of its own processing steps. By going through these steps with a trained auditor, the preclear gets the end result of that level. Each Grade has its own end result, called a Release State. As a preclear moves up through the grades these release states build upon one another and the preclear becomes more and more free. The steps along this column show the outline a person would follow to achieve spiritual freedom. The steps are done with an auditor.

3. Awareness Characteristics – This column runs through the center of the chart and shows what a person would be aware of at each step while progressing up The Grade Chart.

While some people opt to do only the processing side, it’s best to also do the training steps. The more someone understands how processing works, and why, the more they will get out of receiving it. And the more stable their gains will be. When a person learns how to be an auditor, they can help others. And helping others means everyone benefits.

The Grade Chart is also called

See the full Grade Chart here.

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