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1. A person who, through Dianetics and Scientology processing, has cleared away all the things that kept them from being themselves. They can now exist fully as they are without unwanted patterns and behaviors. (Dianetics: The Original Thesis, “The Basic Individual”)

2.  Someone who has no reactive mind of their own. (HCOB 14 Dec 1981)

A person can get rid of their reactive mind a few different ways. One is by receiving as much Dianetics auditing as it takes to eliminate their reactive mind. Another way is to use New Era Dianetics auditing (NED), which is a type of Dianetics auditing done with an e-meter. Thirdly, once one has exhausted the Dianetics route(s), if their reactive mind persists, then they would do the Alternate Route to Clear. As you can see on the Grade Chart, this consists of steps Grade V through the Clearing Course.

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