Scientology Definitions

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As L. Ron Hubbard developed the subject of Scientology, he observed his students sometimes had trouble fully understanding his teachings. This led him to develop Study Technology so anyone could learn and apply his teachings. We don’t want learning barriers to prevent you from getting the most out of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings and lectures. You can click on THIS LINK for a few study pointers to help you out.

Throughout the site, you can click on the gold-colored terms to see their definitions.

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  • Natter 1. To say critical things of someone or something. While there are times when criticism may be constructive or warranted. But when someone is being derogatory, making snide comments, and acting hostilely... Read More
  • Negative Gain See definition of "Case Gain"
  • Not-is-ness 1. when someone has trouble accepting things as they are, they may try to act as though that thing is not true. They are denying, in some way, the actuality of something. Examples: When a family... Read More