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A process is a specific action an auditor does with a person to help them find out more about themselves.There are many, many kinds of processes.

The whole point of a process is to help a preclear reach insights, to help them become better, happier, more aware, and other positive things. Most of the time, one process = small change, while many processes = big changes.

Usually, a process is a question—or set of questions—asked by the auditor. The auditor makes sure the preclear understands the questions and can therefore answer them. Once the question has been asked, the preclear looks to their mind for the answer(s). During the process, if the preclear gets distracted or has trouble dealing with whatever comes up in the process, the auditor supports them to help them get through the procedure.

Different kinds of processes are used differently. For example, some processes have the auditor ask the questions(s) repeatedly. Each time the preclear looks to their mind for an answer. They may arrive at a different answer every time they answer the question.

A process isn’t considered complete until it stops producing change AND the preclear feels good about it. A person may cycle through various emotions before reaching the end point, or end phenomena, of a process. (Scientology Abridged Dictionary) (HCOB 20 Feb 70)

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