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Stands for Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter. These are green ink on white paper references written by L. Ron Hubbard. They cover the full gamut what a Scientology organization is and how it is supposed to run. Many secular organizations around the world use these same references to run their own organizations.

Examples of things that might be covered in an HCOPL:

  • Philosophy of how groups work
  • Day to day activities of one’s own job
  • Addressing human relations problems in the workplace
  • What to do with a person who keeps failing in the job
  • Marketing and public relations
  • And lots more

L. Ron Hubbard wrote 1000’s of HCOPLs. They are largely contained in two sets of volumes. The first set is a series of 8 volumes called The Organization Executive Course (OEC) because there is a course organized around those volumes. The OEC is recommended for all staff members so they can learn the hows & whys of organization and groups. The second set is called The Management Series. It contains three volumes and is part of the advanced course called Flag Executive Briefing Course (FEBC). This course offers advanced management training.

Sometimes at the end of definitions in this glossary, you will see an HCOPL being referenced. This reference includes the date of release. Dates are written day, month, year. For example if it said HCOPL 9 Aug 71, that means the reference referred to was written on the 9th of August, 1971.

A few other helpful things to know:

  • If Hubbard issued more than one HCOPL in a day, the reference will be followed by a roman numeral to differentiate if from other HCOPLs of the same date. For example, HCOPL 9 Aug 71 II would be the second HCOPL issued on that date.
  • If an HCOPL was revised for some reason, perhaps to correct a typo or other error, or to modify a reference after Ron made a new discovery, then there will be an R at the end. If a second revision occurred, it becomes RA. If a third revision, then it becomes RB. For example, if you had HCOPL 9 Aug 71RC III, that means the original HCOPL came out on Aug 9th, 1971. Over time it was revised four times. And it was the third HCOB issued on that original date.

Some other reference types: HCOB, Tape Lecture, BTB, BPL.

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