Organization Executive Course (OEC)

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Organization Executive Course

1. A series of books explaining in depth how a Scientology organization is put together and how it runs. Most of the references in these volumes are HCOPLs. There are eight books plus an index. Eight books because there are seven divisions in Scientology’s organizational structure. Plus, one book to cover general staff policies. Each division also has a color associated with it (called a ‘color flash’).

Each person’s life is also made up of these seven divisions and their corresponding departments, so it’s valuable for individuals to become familiar with these materials.

Volume 0 | Basic Staff Hat. The policies in this volume are applicable to all staff members. It covers a lot of general ground about how to best organize groups and what your part as in individual is in an organization.Each division of a Scientology organization breaks down into smaller departments. So each divisional volume goes over the division as a whole, and also the roles of its departments.

Volume 1 | HCO Division (sometimes called Communications Division). HCO stands for Hubbard Communications Office. Its color is Goldenrod (this was a color of printing paper available when the Division colors were originally envisioned.)
This volume contains material about:

    • Hiring, getting new people grooved into their jobs
    • Setting up communications systems both within the organization, and in regards to outgoing and incoming communication such as emails, phone calls, and reception.
    • Issues of ethics, such as ensuring the morals and rules of the organization are being conformed with; working with both staff and public who may need individual assistance with areas of ethical difficulty that inhibits their progress in life, at work, and moving up The Grade Chart.

Volume 2 | Dissemination Division. This part of the organization makes services and materials known to potential public and creates interest. Its color is Purple.
Specifically, this volume covers:

    • Promotion, like creating and issuing flyers, catalogs, websites, etc about materials and services
    • Publications, which includes having books, tape lectures, and other materials people may need to do services. A Scientology organization has a bookstore onsite so people can purchase what they need.
    • Registration, helping people determine what service is next for them. It could be some form of auditing or it could be training. A registrar is expected to be well-informed about all the services and materials so they can answer questions and direct people to the most helpful next step.

Volume 3 | Treasury Division. Here is where the financial matters of the organization are handled. Its color is Pink.
Between the covers of this volume you will find references about:

    • Receiving monies for services and products the organization delivers
    • Disbursement of funds for bills, staff pay, and purchasing
    • Bookkeeping, correctly recording all of the organizations assets and reserves

Volume 4 | Technical Division. This volume isn’t about the technology of how to train and audit. Instead, it covers the management aspects so training and auditing can get done. Its color is Green.
Some of the info you’ll find in this volume:

    • Settings up spaces for auditing and training to occur, scheduling for students and preclears
    • Managing of the different kinds of course rooms depending on the type of training
    • Taking good care of preclears and how remove barriers that may arise as they progress up The Grade Chart

Volume 5 | Qualifications Division. This area is responsible for quality control in all areas of the organization. Their purpose is to ensure every person receiving services gets properly done services to the expected result. Their color is Gray.
Their volume goes over things like:

    • Examining and verifying each instance of a person finishing a service to ensure they are happy and received the service to the expected standard
    • Correcting any instances where expected standards haven’t been met
    • Ensuring all staff are doing well and getting all the needed training for their jobs
    • Issuing certifications for those who complete a service

Volume 6 | Public Division. Mainly concerned with people brand new to the organization and reaching out to people in the broad public. Its color is Buff (light yellow).
In this volume, you can find references regarding:

    • Ensuring the organization makes good first impressions, whether to newcomers or at events outside of the organization
    • Reaching out to community groups to work hand-in-hand toward improving society in whatever way they can
    • Helping trained Scientologists establish their own practices for reaching out to new people and assisting them with Scientology technology

Volume 7 | Executive Division. This division oversees and manages the organization so all divisions work in concert for the best results. Its color is Blue.
Within this book, you will find materials about:

    • Planning organizational actions so goals are being worked toward and achieved
    • Ensuring members of the organization are adhering to the materials of Scientology as laid out by L. Ron Hubbard
    • Dealing with any legal affairs and governmental interactions

(HCO PL 17 May 74R and HCO PL 8 Sept 69)

2. Refers to the course oriented around all of these volumes in addition to some other materials.

Example as a noun: Have you done your OEC?
Example as an adjective: Leticia completed her OEC training.

3. A person who has completed the OEC course can also be referred to as an OEC.

Example: Jackie is a good choice for the job because she is an OEC.


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