Hubbard Communications Office Division (HCO Division)

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Goldenrod Color

Goldenrod Color

HCO Division (sometimes called Communications Division). HCO stands for Hubbard Communications Office. Its color is Goldenrod (this was a color of printing paper available when the Division colors were originally envisioned.) That color might be used in memos coming from this division or for uniforms if that organization has them. If the organization has uniforms, HCO staff wear Goldenrod. Any written orders would be issued on Goldenrod paper.

Here are a few of the responsibilities held by staff members of this division:

  • Hiring, getting new people grooved into their jobs
  • Setting up communications systems both within the organization, and in regards to outgoing and incoming communication such as emails, phone calls and reception.
  • Dealing with ethical situations, such as ensuring the morals and rules of the organization are being conformed with; working with both staff and public who may need individual assistance with areas of ethical difficulty that inhibits their progress in life, at work, and moving up The Grade Chart.
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