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1.  Control is made up of start, change and stop. When one is willing to start, change and stop things or people in their environment, one can exert positive control.The word ‘control’ sometimes has bad associations. The idea that things or people can be ‘controlled’ into doing things that go against their own survival and happiness is not true control.


Adults teach children how to cross the street safely. They teach children how to use a crosswalk and traffic lights for crossing the street. They teach them to look both ways when crossing a street. And if a child were to step out into the street unsafely, an adult might grab them and yank them back to the curb. All of this is controlling a child for its safety and the safety of others.

A foreman on a construction site controls employees and equipment. And ensures employees control equipment and materials in a safe way. Enforcing safety on a job site saves lives.

On the other hand, a boss who simply gives orders and demands compliance isn’t necessarily using control. Ordering someone to get you coffee or pick up your dry cleaning and work overly long hours at the expense of health and family or otherwise get fired isn’t control in the Scientology sense of the word.

2. “You’re stating a greater truth if you say that control is predictable change than if you say control is start-change-and-stop. Because start and stop are, of course, necessary to change. It’s quite interesting, no matter how tiny a part of change sometimes, they do form a part of it. But you might say the thinking or philosophic definition would be “predictable change.” Direct LRH quote from tape lecture 5703C08A 17ACC-10 Valences – Basic Personality. (Correction Note: If you happen to have access to a Scientology Technical Dictionary, the editions we’ve viewed have a typo and attribute this quote to 5703C10, a tape lecture that does not exist.)

3. “Control is the ability and willingness to start, change or stop something at will or determine its fate or future.
The definition of the word “something” includes any being, idea, matter, energy, space, time, form or existence.” (Ref: Clay Table Processing Picture Book, p. 101)


A teacher needs to be able and willing to get her students to start, change and stop activities. In this way, he helps them learn and develop skills.

A movie director needs to be able and willing to direct all the people on set in order to start, change and stop all the activities that add up to movie scenes being created.

A air traffic controller must be able and willing to ensure pilots and their planes—and all equipment in the skies and runways they are in charge of—start, change and stop in all the right ways. This keeps people safe and enables everyone to get to their destinations in a reasonable amount of time.

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