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1. Harmful mental energy accumulated in a person’s mind.  This energy has a small electrical charge as well as mass. It is created in the mind due to things like traumatic incidents in one’s life. This charge can reside harmlessly in one’s mind until restimulated. After that, it cause a person to feel or act in detrimental ways. Auditing bleeds off this charge, improving a person’s mental state.


Julio was bitten by a snake as a child. The poisonous effects put him in the hospital for a few days. But he fully recovered his health. Years later, he takes his kids to the snake exhibit at the zoo. This event triggers the incident of Julio’s snake bite and being ill from the snake bite. Suddenly he feels dizzy, sick to his stomach, and snaps at his kids for taking too long looking at the snakes. Julio may or may not consciously recall the snake bite incident. Either way, now that it’s been triggered the mental charge is stirred up and affecting him.

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