Dead Agent

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In Sun Tzu’s Art of War, he lists 5 kinds of agents. One type is the “dead agent.” The idea is this agent gives the enemy false information. Often, when even one of those lies is revealed, it’s enough to undermine the lying agent completely. Once the enemy discovers he is being lied to, he will no longer believe anything that agent says. In actual war, the enemy may even kill that agent, thus the term “dead agent.”

When a Scientology person or group finds they are being lied about by another person or group, of course they want to expose those lies. The best way to expose the liar is by providing TRUE documentation. Documentation that proves the actual truth of the situation and may also reveal truths about the liar to show his character cannot be relied upon. Once the liar is revealed as a liar, that person will no longer be listened to. The liar becomes powerless and disregarded. (HCOB 13 Aug 70 II)

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