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1. any situation made up of freedoms (things one can do), barriers (things one can’t do, or that are difficult to do), and purposes (reasons to play). This can apply to a board game, like Monopoly. Or a video game or sports. But it also applies to life.


Regina wants to be an environmental lawyer. She has the freedom to go to college and pursue this goal. She has other freedoms like being young and energetic, and she has a mentor who wants her to succeed. She has barriers like figuring out how to pay for college and getting all of her assignments done well. And she has purposes like wanting to help clean up the environment and wanting to keep corporations from railroading environmental regulations.This is a pretty big game that she can be active in for decades.

Sheila has a smaller game. She is a Girl Scout leader. She has a purpose of wanting her troop to sell the most cookies in their region. She has the freedom of having lots of bright, enthusiastic girls in her troop. And she has freedoms like helping her girls find good ways to reach out and get their cookies into the community. She has barriers like figuring out how to get permits for her girls to sell in front of stores and overlapping territory with another local troop.

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