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Agreement as to the way things are. This can apply broadly to the world around you. For example, most people agree that gravity exists and is therefore real. But this can apply more narrowly to what seems real between people.

If Jim and Michelle are both birdwatchers, they agree that bird-watching is worth doing. That is a point of reality between them. Different bird calls and colors of birds and what birds migrate where are real to them. If Edgar listens in and hears Jim and Michelle mimicking bird calls, to Edgar this won’t seem very real because he doesn’t know much at all about birds or their calls.

If Harold and Hugo both believe Earth is flat, for them this is a shared reality. The point of agreement here isn’t whether something is inherently true, but whether two or more people agree that it is.

Reality is one of the corners of the ARC Triangle. (Problems of Work, Chapter 6)

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