Bypassed Charge

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Bypassed Charge

1. Everyone has harmful or traumatic incidents in their past. These incidents contain mental energy. That energy can sit in the mind harmlessly for many years. But when one of those incidents gets provoked, even years later, it can cause a person to have uncomfortable physical or mental reactions. With an auditor the person could dig in and expel the harmful energy.


Maureen and her mother were in a car accident when Maureen was only two. Her mother was killed. Maureen doesn’t have any conscious recollection of the event. Although she sometimes wishes she’d grown up with her mother, she hasn’t ever experienced feeling sad about it. In her 20’s, Maureen gets in a fender bender. The other car had a mom and a toddler. Even though no one was hurt, ever since then, Maureen feels an intense sensation of loss and grief and anger. She suddenly longs for the mother she never knew and obsessively reaches out to people who may have known her mother to try and learn more about her. She starts neglecting her own children because of her own overwhelming feelings. Maureen may or may not realize there’s any connection between her the original accident that caused her mom’s death and the recent fender bender. It’s adversely affecting her and she can’t seem to shake it off.


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