Chronic Tone

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Chronic Tone

Refers to a person’s habitual tone level in most areas of life. A Chronic Tone is the one a person continues to manifest over a long period of time. When a person is comfortable enough to let their guard down, you will see the Chronic Tone come out.

Urgent situations can also cause Chronic Tone to reveal itself.

For example, let’s say someone faints at the grocery store. People who notice the fainter each react different ways. Some folks may get uncomfortable and try to pretend they didn’t notice. They just keep walking because they are in the emotional tone band of anxiety or fear. If someone is low-toned enough, they may actually not notice the person fainted even if it happens right next to them. Their powers of observation are simply too obscured to be able to notice.

The higher-toned someone is, the more likely they will try to help in some way. A conservative person may not want to get to close to the fainter, but they will call for help. An enthusiastic person or higher will take action to help. They may try to catch the person before they fall or will go over and try to administer first aid or other immediate assistance as best they can.

Determining someone’s Chronic Tone takes training. And even with training, it takes time and thorough observation. Never assume too quickly that you know someone’s Chronic Tone.

Even in a case where an urgent situation occurs, you wouldn’t want to say you’d fully determined someone’s Chronic Tone based on their reaction. There can be unknown factors that throw a kink in how a person responds. For example, let’s again take the situation of the person fainting at the store. Vern normally jumps right in to help people, but today he got some bad news. The news shook him and he is not himself today. Or take Ethel. She is chronically depressed, but she’s also an EMT. With her training, jumping to someone’s rescue is an everyday occurrence. Her chronic depression could easily remain hidden.

To learn more about how to determine someone’s Chronic Tone Level, you can read Science of Survival and its corresponding Chart of Human Evaluation.

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