Tone Level

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Each level of the Tone Scale (or Tone Scale in Full) is an emotional state. Someone’s tone level refers to the emotional condition they are in.

A person’s tone level can be a Chronic Tone (long term) or a Social Tone (short term during social interactions).

Why use the word ‘tone’? In physics, tone refers to the vibrations of things. Each tone level has its own vibration that corresponds to the physical universe. (Tape Lecture Number 5904C08)

Tone level can also refer to the condition of a situation or group.


Leslie’s household is at a tone level of Enthusiasm because it’s almost Halloween. Leslie, her husband David, and their three kids are all very excited. Halloween is their favorite holiday. Once the holiday is past, the tone level of the household will fall back into its normal emotional tone.

Howard is a flight attendant. He and his team normally are pretty cheerful at work and do their jobs well. However, one day their plane gets hijacked. It’s a terrifying and traumatic experience for Howard and his co-workers, not to mention the passengers. This incident is permeated with a tone level of Terror.

During a war, an entire country can be in its own tone level. The attacking nation might be in a tone level of Hate. And the country being attacked could fall into Covert Hostility and try underhanded means to get the better of the attacking nation.

Political parties have tone levels toward one another. During productive and peaceful times, parties may feel respectful toward one another despite disagreements (Conservative). But under difficult circumstances, that respect could turn to Anger, or Hate, which could lead to civil war.

To learn more about Tone Levels and how to spot them, read Science of Survival and its Chart of Human Evaluation.

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