Good Indicators (GIs)

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Good Indicators

1. When the preclear is improving. Specifically, the area you are trying to address with the preclear is improving. Anything bad you are addressing is getting less bad.

For example, if Alfie has a headache, but in auditing his headache lightens up and becomes less of a headache, this is a good indicator.

(Tape Lecture SHSpec 3, 6401C09)

2. Can be used colloquially to say a person, group, business, etc is doing well.

Example: Henry’s getting better at playing piano now that he’s taking lessons. Henry is GI’s about his piano playing.

Example: Rose started a bakery. Her business is growing. She’s got a good customer base and had to hire someone to help her cover the storefront. She broke even. These are good indicators for her business. And Rose is pretty GI’s about it too!

(BTB 12 Apr 72R)

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