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1. seeing something exactly as it is without bias or misunderstandings, which will cause to vanish. You may have experienced something like this before. A moment where something becomes totally comprehensible and any attention, worry, anger, or angst connected to it disappears.


In auditing, it is possible to see a difficulty, condition, etc exactly as it is, which will cause that difficulty, condition, etc to go poof. Let’s say Rosita gets sad whenever she eats Mexican food. She thinks she knows why. She thinks it’s because when her abuelo (grandfather) died, they catered in from a Mexican food restaurant. Certainly, she always thinks about this whenever she feels sad about tamales or nachos. This comes up in auditing. Because Rosita is still feeling sad about Mexican food, her auditor digs deeper and helps Rosita to recall a time she was a toddler. Her mother was cooking Mexican food and accidentally burned it. Her mother’s boyfriend got angry and flung the food against the wall and then hit Rosita’s mother while Rosita cowered under the kitchen table crying. Rosita had completely forgotten about this. But as she explores the incident with her auditor and really examines everything that happened until she gets a straightforward view and understanding of it, her sadness towards Mexican food as-ises, aka vanishes. Any unhappy emotions or conditions related to Mexican food go away.

As-is-ness is one the Is-es, also known as the four conditions of existence.

Ref: The Phoenix Lectures book covers this subject in detail.

Not to be confused with “as is” (no hyphen), which refers to the state an object is in. Often this term is used when selling something. When an item is in bad shape or needs some work, the seller may list it “as is” meaning they don’t intend to fix any of the damage before selling. The customer can buy it as it is if they wish.

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