Organizing Board (Org Board)

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Organizing Board

In every Scientology organization, a board is posted where anyone can view it. This board shows the structure of the organization and is a flow chart of all of the posts and activities within that organization. The posted board is very large and shows the name of the person responsible for a given post. This enables anyone to determine who oversees any of the activities of the org.

Various versions of the org board can be found in many locations, including the back of Volume 0 of the OEC (1991 edition and later). Earlier editions are at the back of Modern Management Technology Defined (also known as the Admin Dictionary). Each volume of the OEC contains the portion of the organizing board it relates to.

Individuals can and should make use of this board in their own lives. The pattern of this org board offers a philosophical system as well. Therefore any person can apply this structure to their own life in order to improve areas of difficulty, ensure all of one’s activities are aligned, and to tackle full management of one’s own existence. A great way to apply the org board to your own life is by examining the Levels of Existence shown above each Department. The Levels of Existence can be viewed at the top of each departmental column of the org board. These levels aren’t shown on some of the earliest org boards.

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