Academy Level III

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Academy Level III aka Hubbard Professional Auditor (HPA)

Prerequisite: Level II

Trains the auditor to process ARC and ARC Breaks in order to address upsets that have been holding the preclear down in life. The course materials also address how change can affect someone, along with processes to help preclears with this.

Other important skills learned on this level:

And learns to audit changes that have had an adverse effect on the preclear.

The student auditor learns all the materials on this course and thoroughly practices the techniques for Grade III (Freedom from past upsets) processing. Then they audit a preclear on some or all of the processes of the grade.

Upon completion of this course, the student becomes a Class III auditor certified to take a preclear through all the processes of Grade III as per the Grade Chart.

(Refs: The Grade Chart, Academy Level III Course Pack)

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