ARC Break (ARCX)

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ARC Break (pronounced A-R-C Break)

A break in the ARC Triangle. Specifically, it’s a lessening or breaking off of someone’s affinity, reality, or communication with a person or thing.

When someone is upset about something, determining which point(s) of the ARC Triangle were cut can help a person recover from that upset.

Auditors learn processing techniques to repair ARC breaks. And Level III covers this in depth. A major part of Grade III processing is helping the preclear look at past upsets, especially ones that have gone on for too long a time and are still causing difficulties. Determining which part(s) of ARCU broke down in a particular upset, and tracing that ARC Break to earlier similar breaks, can work wonders in relieving areas of sadness for a person.

It’s useful to think of upsets as ARC breaks so one can pinpoint the exact part of the triangle where things went wrong. And that can make a person feel immensely better.

If a person feels sad, and can’t put their finger on why exactly, the auditor would suspect an ARC break (probably a long-term one). The auditor can use tools, and as a team with the preclear, find the earliest ARC break on the restimulated chain and determine which point the break is in.


Hester has been feeling mopey for several months. She gets with her auditor about this and they discover a time when Hester thought her friends were planning a surprise birthday party for her. But it turned out they forgot about Hester’s birthday completely. After some examination of the situation, Hester realizes it was a big break in Affinity because she went from thinking  her friends liked her so much they were going out of their way to surprise her, to feeling like her friends didn’t really like her after all. After spotting this, Hester suddenly feels much better.

 If Hester weren’t feeling much better after addressing this, her auditor would help her to look for an earlier similar ARC break.

(Ref: LRH Def. Notes, Dianetics Today)

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