HIdden Standard (HS)

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Hidden Standard

1. When a preclear is receiving auditing they might have some preconceived notion about the results they expect. This notion can make it very difficult for the preclear to get gains because the preclear judges all of their auditing against this standard.


Geneva believes auditing will give her telepathy. She hasn’t told her auditor about this, but during and after each session, she frequently checks herself to see if she’s telepathic. This keeps her from being fully attentive during her sessions and gets in the way of actual, achievable gains.

Milo has a leg injury. He is a dancer and wants auditing to heal his leg so he can dance as he did before. While auditing could have a definite improvement on spiritual and mental difficulties connected with his dancing injury, Milo is so fixated on having his leg become perfect, he’s not mentally available for the gains auditing can give him.

2. “What is a hidden standard? Well, it is ‘the idea that there is a perfection.’ You got that? You got that real good? Because this includes much more than you think. They talk critically to you on the basis that there is a perfection. But that is not then revealed to you. What is the definition of perfection?” — Tape Lecture 5701C15 16ACC-10 Evil

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