Model Session

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Model Session

1. Definition of ‘model’ : an example for imitation or emulation.”

Auditing sessions follow an exact pattern. There are exact scripts used to start and end each session. And exact things the auditor checks for to be sure the preclear is prepared for a productive session.

Using the method of a model session ensures the most is gotten out a session and it means both the auditor and the pc start off on the same page together, knowing how things will begin and end each time.

Examples of things that happen as part of model session:

Before session, the auditor checks that the preclear had enough sleep and enough food. It’s not very productive to counsel sometime when they are tired or hungry.

Just prior to ending the session, the auditor always asks, “Is there anything you would care to say or ask before I end this session?” The preclear knows they will always be asked this question. It gives them an opportunity to bring up anything that’s on their mind. The preclear also knows this communication will be sent to the case supervisor. It’s a way to help the preclear leave the session having said whatever they need to say.

Auditors practice the exact steps of Model Session as part of their training.

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