Advance Program (Adv Program)

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Advance Program

Sometimes as a preclear is progressing along the Grade Chart it comes out that some step wasn’t fully completed or got missed. In that case, a series of steps is written to get any missed actions picked up and completed. (HCOB 14 Jun 70)


  • Hubbard periodically updated The Grade Chart as he researched. If an update occurred, a preclear might find there’s a new step they haven’t done. An Advance Program is the perfect tool to get the new step included in the correct way.
  • Cheryl was on The Grade Chart section that addresses trauma and upset from taking drugs (Scientology Drug Rundown). One of her auditing sessions really dug into a time in her 20s when Cheryl was doing cocaine, and she had some huge realizations about why she felt so drawn to cocaine. Because she felt so great, Cheryl told her auditor she felt complete with that section of The Grade Chart. The auditor, lacking in experience, agreed Cheryl was complete and moved her on to the next section of The Grade Chart. While Cheryl really did feel great and had excellent gains from that session, she still had more drug experiences to address. Inevitably, her next Grade Chart steps start going a little rocky and her progress slows down. A review is done of her case and a more experienced auditor sees where Cheryl and her auditor jumped the gun. An Advance Program is written for Cheryl to go back and complete her Drug Rundown. That gets her rolling in the right direction again.
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