Academy Level 0

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Academy Level 0 – also called Level 0 or Hubbard Recognized Scientologist (HRS)

Prerequisites: Student Hat, Method 1, Comm Course (Pro TRs)

Level 0 is first of the professional auditor training courses. In this class the student auditor learns the basic skills needed to audit.

Some of the skills learned:

  • How to use an e-meter
  • The proper format of an auditing session
  • How to help a preclear be physically and mentally present for the session in spite of any distractions

Once that portion is completed, the auditor learns how to do the specific processes of ARC Straightwire and Grade 0 (Communication). ARC Straightwire and Grade 0 are two steps on The Grade Chart that move a person toward spiritual freedom.

The final part of the course includes actually auditing another on some or all of the ARC Straightwire (ARC SW) and Grade 0 processes.

By the end of the course, the student auditor is certified to audit a preclear to the full results of ARC SW and Grade 0 and can now be called a Class 0 Auditor.

(Refs: The Grade Chart, Academy Level 0 Course Pack)

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