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As L. Ron Hubbard developed the subject of Scientology, he observed his students sometimes had trouble fully understanding his teachings. This led him to develop Study Technology so anyone could learn and apply his teachings. We don’t want learning barriers to prevent you from getting the most out of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings and lectures. You can click on THIS LINK for a few study pointers to help you out.

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  • Tape Lecture Number 1. When a tape is referenced (usually at the end of a definition) it is accompanied by a series of numbers (and sometimes letters). In our example, 5701C24A 16ACC-16, the first two numbers are... Read More
  • Tech 1. Abbreviation for Technical 2. Abbreviation for Technical Division 3. Abbreviation for Technology
  • Technical Having to do with training or auditing. Of or referring to people and things related to training or auditing. Technical is all things having to do with getting students through courses and internships,... Read More
  • Tech Division | Division 4 The purpose of this division is to deliver high quality training and auditing. Its color is Green. So green could be used for uniforms and for memos coming from this division. Some of... Read More
  • Technology Refers to L. Ron Hubbard's references (books, lectures, films) and methodologies on how to practice and use the processes of Scientology to help another person. There are dozens of books and films,... Read More
  • Terminal 1. Someone or something which sends, receives or relays communication. Every living being is a terminal. A job is also a terminal. Sometimes objects act as terminals. Example: Johnny is a receptionist... Read More
  • Three Universes Refers to the physical universe, one’s own universe, and the universe each other being has. See Universe. You can explore this subject further in both Scientology 8-8008 and Creation of Human Ability.
  • Tone Level 1. Each level of the Tone Scale (or Tone Scale in Full) is an emotional state. Someone's tone level refers to the emotional condition they are in. A person's tone level can be a Chronic Tone (long... Read More
  • Tone Scale 1. A scale of human emotion. In our lives, we experience different kinds of emotions every day. Each emotion on the scale is referred to as a Tone, or Tone Level. Anyone can benefit from learning about... Read More
  • Tone Scale in Full 1. A scale of human emotion. The full scale ranges from negative 40.0 all the way up to positive 40.0. From the most negative emotions at the bottom to the most positive emotions at the top, this... Read More