Objective Processes

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Objective Processes

1. Auditing where the auditor has the preclear move their body around, touch things in the environment, examine the environment, and so on. The idea is to help the preclear come into the present moment.

Examples of Use:

An auditor might do some light objective processes to orient a person at the end of an auditing session. Since the preclear spends the session looking in their mind, it can help to reorient them to the world around them when the session comes to a close.

If a person is feeling out of it due to a stressful day, their auditor could do an objective process to help them wind down and come into the current moment.

2. There is an entire step on The Grade Chart made up of dozens of different objective processes. The auditor does this series of processes with the preclear until the full end result of the Objectives portion of The Bridge, which is “In present time and able to control and put order into the environment.”

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