Academy Level I

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Academy Level I – also known as Hubbard Trained Scientologist (HTS)

Prerequisite: Level 0

On Level I, the student auditor learns the anatomy of problems and their effects on a preclear. The auditor then learns processing techniques that can enable a preclear to spot and dissolve sources of problems in life, even very long-term problems.

This level also covers Objectives Processes. Objectives auditing helps a preclear be more in present time and exert better positive control over themselves and their environment.

Once the Level I student studies and thoroughly practices the actions covered in the course, they next audit a preclear on some or all of the processes of Objectives and Grade I (Problems).

By end of the course, the student auditor is certified to deliver the Grade Chart actions of Objectives and Grade I and becomes a Class I Auditor.

(Refs: The Grade Chart, Academy Level I Course Pack)

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