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As L. Ron Hubbard developed the subject of Scientology, he observed his students sometimes had trouble fully understanding his teachings. This led him to develop Study Technology so anyone could learn and apply his teachings. We don’t want learning barriers to prevent you from getting the most out of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings and lectures. You can click on THIS LINK for a few study pointers to help you out.

Throughout the site, you can click on the gold-colored terms to see their definitions.

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  • A mental health science developed by L Ron Hubbard and introduced in 1950. He created the word by combining DIA (Greek), meaning through, and NOUS (Greek) meaning mind. Thus 'Dianetics' translates into "through the... Read More
  • Dissem Division | Division 2 This part of the organization makes services and materials known to potential public and creates interest. Its color is Purple. Memos from this part of the organization as well as... Read More
  • One of the seven sections of the organizing board. An organization is structured into these divisions for management and coordination purposes. Useful to individuals because by juxtaposing one's own life and its... Read More
  • DMSMH Acronym for the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health
  • Drills 1. Training exercises done by a student. Drills give one an opportunity to practice techniques and skills so one can then go out and use them in real life circumstances. Often drills are done with a coach.... Read More
  • Earlier Similar (Earlier-Similar) 1. Incidents that are similar in some way(s), but earlier in time. When a preclear has an incident that's bothering him and it isn't clearing up while up during counseling, the... Read More
  • End Phenomena The signs that show an auditing process is complete. Different signs apply to different kinds of auditing. In Scientology auditing, the auditor looks for these signs: Floating needle (a... Read More
  • Engram Mental recordings containing pain and unconsciousness. Your mind contains mental image pictures of the moments of your life. Most of these pictures are simply remembrances. However, engrams are mental... Read More
  • Entheta 1. Theta (positive emotion and life force) that has been agitated into a negative state. Example: Lena is having a good day and feeling happy and optimistic. Then she gets a phone call from her son's... Read More
  • Enthusiasm The tone level of 4.0 on the Tone Scale. Enthusiasm means a person feels very cheerful yet also maintains rationality. It's not a high manic state. A person at the level of Enthusiasm has a sense of... Read More