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As L. Ron Hubbard developed the subject of Scientology, he observed his students sometimes had trouble fully understanding his teachings. This led him to develop Study Technology so anyone could learn and apply his teachings. We don’t want learning barriers to prevent you from getting the most out of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings and lectures. You can click on THIS LINK for a few study pointers to help you out.

Throughout the site, you can click on the gold-colored terms to see their definitions.

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  • HCOPL Stands for Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter. These are green ink on white paper references written by L. Ron Hubbard. They cover the full gamut what a Scientology organization is and how it is... Read More
  • Hidden Standard 1. When a preclear is receiving auditing they might have some preconceived notion about the results they expect. This notion can make it very difficult for the preclear to get gains because the... Read More
  • Hubbard Found of Dianetics and Scientology. See the entry for L Ron Hubbard to learn more about him.
  • HCO Division | Division 1 Goldenrod Color HCO Division (sometimes called Communications Division). HCO stands for Hubbard Communications... Read More
  • In When things are as they should be, or when things are supposed to be there and they are, they are said to be "in." Examples: Lily's in planning made her an excellent event coordinator. As a project manager,... Read More
  • Intensive 1. Traditionally, auditing is sold in 12 1/2 hour blocks. Each of these blocks is called an intensive. When you address an issue with auditing, you address it vigorously within a short period of time so... Read More
  • Is-es 1. These are the four conditions of existence. You can view the definitions separately by clicking on each term. They are: AS-ISNESS ALTER-ISNESS IS-NESS NOT-ISNESS You can learn a lot more... Read More
  • Is-ness 1. The seeming existence of things. What we think of as being real. 2. When something continues to exist through space and time. Is-ness is one of the four conditions of existence. The Phoenix... Read More
  • Justification Explaining why something that's wrong is really okay. When an action or situation is definitely wrong somehow, but the person can't admit it or is trying to make themselves feel better about it or... Read More
  • Knowledge A person learns things all kinds of ways. They can learn by reading, doing things, watching others do things, thinking about things they've done or that others have done. When a person takes all this data... Read More